3 Facebook techniques that will make your competitors cry Uncle-

Facebook Will Work In Your Agency Too

The insurance industry is often held back by regulations and an entrenched negative belief about how useful social media and Internet marketing can be. But, Facebook is the perfect place to loosen your necktie, roll up your sleeves and show some personality.


Your community wants to connect with you on a personal level and they want to know more about you rather than learn about policy updates and renewal rates. This may sound a lot more difficult for those who have been accustomed to the traditional platforms of communication. To explain the transition, we’ve put together three dynamic ways for insurance professionals to engage with the Facebook community.


1. Don’t just talk about insurance-


Facebook- and social media in general is all about connecting with people. If a perspective client wants specific information on the type of commercial insurance policies available to them or specific financial planning information they will most likely go to an insurance website directly. (Hopefully yours if you have learned to leverage the power of the Internet correctly). Remember- Facebook is like attending a networking function- without the hassles of driving, parking, or trying to figure out ways of attracting all the attendees who are in desperate need of your products at that exact moment. Think of Facebook as your opening line when meeting someone for the first time. Its “hello, my name is Donald Murphy, how are you?” Facebook allows you to build a relationship with perspective clients with small conversations which over time will create credibility and trust within them about you, your company, and what you offer. In the social media or insurance marketing world- starting the conversation with Facebook will allow perspective clients to get to know you and once they have a need for a product or service- they can go directly from your Facebook page to your company website or blog and conduct business with a trusted community leader.


2. Show off your good work-


Insurance companies in general are not known so much for helping others unless they are tied to a claim, however I don’t know of another industry that does more to their communities than insurance professionals. In every city across America-insurance agencies, in an effort to build strong relationships within their communities, sponsor everything from little league baseball teams to local fire department charities. I have been all over the country working with insurance agencies and can proudly say- (I may be a little biased) insurance professionals are the most giving and community centered people on the planet. And, if you think about it- that’s your job to connect with your community and build relationships. So, the next time you sponsor that little league baseball team- create a video blog of the season and keep the local community abreast of the little stars you sponsor. The next time you sponsor a local fire department or Halloween event within the community- tell your community about it. Not just to “toot your horn”, but inspire them to connect and participate as well. This is a great way to brand your agency in your community and will establish you as an industry leader. Remember the golden rule in sales- people connect and buy from people they like. Show them what there is to like about you and your agency.


3) Host Contests-


Host contests from your Facebook page and invite your Facebook community to upload videos entering themselves into the contests. Allow others to vote on participants via Facebook. What a great way to host an annual scholarship for local students. Instead of posting something in your local newspaper or giving the information to the local school districts- post the contest on your Facebook page and ask perspective students to upload a 90 second video on why they feel they should be the lucky participant to win the scholarship. This type of contest allows the participants to draw friends and family to your facebook page (and you) that you would have never reached with traditional forms of advertising. It’s a completely non-threatening form of communication that multiplies your community message like no opportunity out there.


The Takeaway-


When you invest more time in showing your community what your agency is all about you will reap the benefits of being an insurance industry leader. You see- being an insurance industry leader is not so much about the designations after your name or your title within your insurance company. It’s about showing your community what you’re all about and that you truly do care about them on a personal level. Facebook allows you the ability to humanize what you as an insurance professional do for a living. You care for people at their worst possible moments. You help them when they are in need. You provide for their children when they can’t. You keep their business dreams alive in the midst of catastrophic events. That’s the message that the general public needs to hear from you and leveraging the power of the internet offers you that ability.




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